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The key software to

design optimal rainwater systems

Sirio Design is a software tool to create safer, more efficient and sustainable hydraulic designs. Easily simulate the impact of extreme rainfall events on rainwater buffers, infiltration ponds and ditches. Perform a full rainwater harvesting analysis and determine the best design in minutes.

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How can Sirio Design help you?

Public works

Get the optimal hydraulic design for new allotments, source control & strategic urban planning (green roofs, infiltration and retention basins) and collective rainwater harvesting.

Industry & agriculture requiring water

Get the optimal design of hydraulic infrastructure through a detailed rainwater harvesting analysis that accounts with varying rainwater demands of production processes and crop needs.

Rainwater management 

Rainwater management from parcel level up to entire industrial sites: optimization of rainwater designs, fully compliant with Flemish regulations. Exploit rainwater harvesting, and anticipate climate change.

Engineering companies

Improve your hydraulic designs through new insights with Sirio. Increase your productivity: use a rocket fast simulation engine, and share results directly with clients and partners.

How does it work?

What is the impact of extreme rainfall events on your site or city development project? How can you ensure that your investments are cost-effective? How can we achieve optimal rainwater harvesting and save costs? And how will climate change impact our design on the long term?

Sirio can answer these questions in 3 simple steps.

Translate your design into a Sirio model

An easy to use interface translates your design on paper into an hydraulic model in a snap. Sirio focuses on dominating processes, and aggregates details. This gives you a practical and clear model with only parameters that truly matter. Quickly implement alternative designs to perform interesting "what if" analyses.

Simulate 100 years in a second

Sirio simulates 100 years of rainfall, with or without climate change. Sirio does the job in seconds thanks to custom rocket fast simulation engine. Running long term simulations provides unique insights, and is the only scientifically correct method to design slow emptying systems, such as infiltration ponds and storage basins.

Share your optimal design with clients and partners

Sirio performs advanced statistical analyses of all simulations results automatically. The outcomes are presented in clear visuals, tables and reports, ready to share with clients and partners.

Sirio insights

Superfast hydraulic simulation engine

Filling degree

How often do we have empty buffers? Or buffers at maximum capacity? Adjust your hydraulic design to get the optimal design: a balanced system, which uses all resources effectively.

Mass balance analysis

How much water enters and exits in an average year? Is infiltration effective? How much water will spill to rivers, and how much goes to the treatment?

Overflow characteristics

Which overflow volumes and discharges will occur for different return periods? Sirio calculates these characteristics for events that happen 20 times a year, up to a return period of 100 years.

How much water can be reused precisely? How much shortage do we have given a desired reuse schedule? Optimize your plans to use more rainwater, and save money.

Rainwater harvesting analysis

Simulate climate change scenarios to see how it impacts your design. Create no-regret designs that are still effective in the future.

Climate change impacts


Do you want to try Sirio yourself? Browse to the Sirio website, and request a trial.

The free demonstration version includes all functionalities, but is limited in time.

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