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Relevant use cases

Make sure your investments are most effective, and remain so in the future. We deliver truly optimal solutions, proven through simulations. We reckon with conflicting interests through multi-criteria optimization, look at the integrated scale, quantify uncertainties and even anticipate future trends such as climate change. Our flexible modelling and optimization framework enables us to easily integrate your own custom modules, such as plant process characteristics, control regulations up to flood damage calculations.

Optimize your strategies using model-based simulations

Anticipate and prevent disasters through real-time control. Our in-house developed modelling approaches are up to a million times faster than conventional models. Our unique modelling framework enables us to solve even the most complex optimization problems in real time. We combine our multi-model approach with all your data streams, forecasts, constraints and targets into an effective management tool.

Advanced process optimization. Even in real time.

Give us your water consumption and the lay-out of your site, and we'll return an optimal rainwater harvesting solution. We run long term simulations to capture the high rainfall variability and your varying water demand to quantify precisely how and how much rainwater you can reuse. Or use our software Sirio to do the analysis yourself.

Reuse rainwater, save money and reduce your footprint

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