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 System analysis  

Make your business risk-wise

Identify threats, quantify risks and set the right priorities for your business. We combine model-based simulations with post-processing techniques to quantify risks and uncertainties. Some examples of how we can make your business risk-wise:

  • Probabilistic flood risk assessments. Quantify the magnitude of floods for different return periods in urban and river environments.

  • Visualize and communicate flood risks to a broad audience using GIS.

  • Account for uncertainties, only take no-regret measures.

  • Quantify the risk of water shortages on both the short and long terms.

  • ...

We analyze your time series data fully using advanced statistical techniques. If needed, we even enhance our analyses with model-based simulations to test hypotheses. Our expertise covers the entire water cycle, from input to output, and includes:

Gain new insights through advanced time series analytics 
Get operational intelligence using data mining

We put your data in a range of data mining and machine learning techniques to identify problems and inefficiencies. Exploit neural networks, fuzzy theory, advanced classification and pattern recognition algorithms to gain new insights. Turn your data into powerful predictive models to improve operations and planning. Integrate these techniques in your daily management platform.

  • Rainfall input requirements for hydrological calculations

  • Fine-scale radar applications

  • Historical trends and multidecadal oscillations in extremes

  • Extensive trend analysis and identification of drivers

  • Extreme value analysis

Relevant use cases

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